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marți, 6 septembrie 2011

L.D.I.C.A.R.- EUROPA-Liga Dreptatii Impotriva Coruptiei si Abuzurilor din Romania - Europa (Luptă pentru apărarea drepturilor omului)- L.D.I.C.A.R.- EUROPA. NGO - The Justice League Against Corruption and Abuses in Romania-Europa (Fight for human rights)
Baza legala de functionare:Incheiere judecatoreasca definitiva nr.1220/09.06.2003/.;Codul fiscal(c.u.i.)=15550193;
Cont iban:RO40BPOS36102630827 Rol 01 (Filiala -Banca BANPOST-Lugoj)
Deviza noastra : Nimeni nu e mai presus de lege!

The Justice League against Corruption and Abuses in Romania (NGO)
(Fight for human rights)
Chapter I. The organization’s purpose and character
Art. 1 The organization is a Romanian judicial person, non-profit, with no patrimonial activity, non-political and non-governmental, constituted based upon Law 21/1924 referring to judicial person and other in force legal stipulations.
Art. 2 The organization is called “THE LEAGUE OF JUSTICE AGAINST CORRUPTION AND ABUSE IN ROMANIA”. Its object of activity is the upholding the human rights and its headquarters are in Romania, 1800 Lugoj, Piata Revolutiei no. 4, Timis country.
Art. 3 The organization is non-political, independent towards the state’s organizations and is constituted legally and free consent of its members.
Chapter Ii. The organization’s purpose and object.
Art. 1 THE LIEGE OF JUSTICE AGAINST CORRUPTION AND ABUSE IN ROMANIA has a primordial purpose to preserve, conserve, and develop on every way human values, promoting the principle of truth and justice, defending the human right, freedom and dignity of each citizen, as well as educating the citizens about the patterns of democracy.
Art. 2 The organization will act independently, with a large area of action between the state’s body, locally and central, institution of any rank, natural or legal person, joint stock or limited liability companies or other political, ethnic religious groups, and so forth. It will analyze also the injustice and abuse during the communist regime as well as after the revolution with the purpose to ensure uphold the laws in force, tracking and stopping corruption, profiteering, abuse and other destabilizing actions.
Art. 3 The organization’s concern is the social protection of it’s members as well as any citizen that will give a written notice, desecration of human rights, the consideration of the Rumanian citizen’s personality, right of private property and constitutional and international rights.
Art. 4 The organization analyses and investigates cases of injustice that were suffered by its members or those who address themselves to the organization. Together with the citizens it will elaborate proposals to better the in force law system. It will support the improvement of justice without hurting the citizen or his personality. It will collaborate with the state’s body locally and central to prevent and remove certain causes that can prejudice the integrity and dignity of the citizens.

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